• Blake Van Egeren

My Adventures through Art Courses Week 1 /June 14, 2016

Over the last week I started two art courses at the local community college, Drawing 101 and Ceramics. I'm taking these course as requirements for my Masters degree in Art Therapy. Besides a couple video courses and one photography course I never took any formal art courses. I never saw this as a limitation though. I have always had this relentless drive inside of me to creat

with what every medium was in front of me. I liked the freedom to get lost in my own world and create without judgment from others or myself. Early on in my life I found something magical would happen when I did this. I would not understand the true healing aspects of art until I made the decision to become sober. When this occurred I knew I needed to create a new identity and new life. This is a topic I can write about more at another time but very briefly I found myself healing and creating this new life through painting. Between Aug 2015 - Feb 2016 I spent countless hours in my studio freely creating. You can see examples from this time period or purchase pieces at the "My Being" Collection" page.

Because of my past experiences with my creative process I found myself a bit worried to go into a formal course about art. I like my creative process and style, and like to follow my own inspiration. I don't like to follow rules alot an learn through the experimentation process. For me throwing grades into the mix, assignment deadlines and the idea I could be out money if I fail the class can make be not enjoy the learning experience. I have to be motivated to learn and motivated to express to enjoy the educational process. I found myself kinda bummed and stressed out at first. Drawing 101 is a bit of a challenge for me as I usually live in the abstract world. I have been doodling an sketching for my whole life but never really spent that much time on one piece. Now that I have a focused direction and time set aside I don't really know what I should be aspiring my pieces to look like. I have my own style but feel that everything is supposed to look more realistic in this course. When I find myself struggling with a subject matter or an idea; I have to communicate these thoughts in order to bridge the gap of understanding and be in a place where I can work and learn. I thought by keeping a blog of my experiences within the course I can help keep myself focused healthy, and share with others my creative process in the educational system. I would like to note though that I'm not against art courses or art education. My teachers have been very helpful and positive in creating a positive experience for the whole class. The school setting can be difficult for me based on how I learn with ADHD and Dyslexia. I have found for the most part I'm fighting myself for the first half of the class than I chill out an enjoy the second half. So here are some drawings from the first week and my thoughts when I was creating them.