• Blake Van Egeren

Last Nights in New Mexico

I took these photos during the last week that I was in Santa Fe. During this time, I ended up back at the trailer community that I lived in in 2018. The owners of the establishment have always been very kind and generous to me. When I originally moved there in December of 2017, I did not own a vehicle. They let me borrow their truck for the day to move. When I called them up, they said they had the perfect place for me to stay. They also mentioned to not worry about the price per night as I had gotten them into Meow Wolf for free multiple times within the last two years. I appreciated this but still ended up giving them artwork in exchange for 6 days of shelter. On the last day of my stay, we put all that artwork up in this little room that people will eventually rent out through air bnb.

It was here in this small little room on this communal property that I was able to spend time deeply reflecting on the past, present, and what I wanted from my future. It was also here that I was able to put into perspective how much I appreciated and enjoyed my time in New Mexico.